ICBC New Yaohan Visa Card

We always try our best to reward our loyal customers. We cooperate with ICBC to co-brand New Yaohan Visa Credit Card. Enjoy the many benefits by spending with this Visa Card for a substantial rebate program!

ICBC New Yaohan Macau Credit Card

New Yaohan Cash Coupon Rebate

One of the most attractive and fabulous Loyalty Programs in the local market –an equivalent of Rebate of 2.5% on Spending. Once your spending at New Yaohan during a specified period has accumulated to MOP2,000 or above, you may redeem for “New Yaohan Cash Coupon”, for instance:

Accumulative spending at New Yaohan during a specified period:

MOP 2,000

MOP 2,001 or above

New Yaohan cash coupon (Rebate of 2.5%)

MOP 2,000 x 2.5% = MOP 50

MOP 2,001 x 2.5% = MOP 50.025*

(Notes 1) Round up to MOP 60


  1. The value of New Yaohan Cash Coupon will be rounded up to the nearest tenth. The bank’s record of Cash Coupon rebate shall prevail and the bank has its sole and final discretion.
  2. Spending at New Yaohan will be entitled to New Yaohan Cash Coupon Rebate only but not ICBC (Macau) Bonus Points Program.
  3. The Spending at Lafayette, Challenger and spending with ICBC ePay transaction at New Yaohan is not applicable to the above rebate program.
  4. All Installment transactions at New Yaohan will not be entitled to the above rebate program.

Other Perks

Interest-Free Installment Plan

With ICBC NEW YAOHAN VISA CARD, you are able to enjoy 12-month interest-free installment plan upon purchase of MOP 2,000 or above on all electrical appliances and massage products. (Except discounted products and Apple products)


ICBC (Macau) Service Hotline: +853 8899 5588

How to apply?

Please visit the branch of ICBC Macau to submit your application.