About New Yaohan

About New Yaohan

A Department Store Growing With Macau

New Yaohan is the only and well-loved all-in-one department store in Macau. Growing with our shining city, it is our mission to serve the local residents and our visitors. We strive and thrive to become the premier in retail industry, as well as a trustworthy and sustainable business to our employees, partners, customers and the community.

New Yaohan is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown commercial area. Our 11-stories department store carries unique selection of goods and unparalleled customer service. We offer Cosmetics and Skin Care Products, Men’s and Ladies’ Fashion, Sports and Casual Wear, Babies and Children’s Wear, Toys, Household Supplies, Electrical Appliances, Supermarket, Food Arcade and more!

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