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Terms & Conditions
  1. After deleting a New Yaohan account, you will no longer have access to previous order records, messages, other information and New Yaohan membership privileges.
  2. The content of a deleted New Yaohan account cannot be restored, including New Yaohan Points, Loyalty Program, Tokens and coupons.
  3. After you delete your account, New Yaohan will delete the My Profilermation collected but keep the essential information for the retention period as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations. After the retention period, the information will be deleted.
  4. If there is an unfulfilled order under the account, New Yaohan will reject the application to delete the account. This is to ensure that the service and product can be provided successfully. Please reapply for the deletion after the order is completed.
  5. After you apply to delete an account, New Yaohan will initiate the internal deleting process. All My Profilermation will be deleted entirely within 20 working days after the application is approved. If you have any questions about the working time or the process, please contact directly.

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