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Every year, over a million of people visit Macau; the delectable and diverse food on offer is always one of the strongest reasons to attract and retain visitors! From traditional snacks, pastries, classic Macanese cuisine to global delicacies, you will be tantalized all day. Apart from the various delightful food choices in New Yaohan, you may also want to try the award-winning or sought-after restaurants all over Macau. We have hand-picked a list of high-end restaurants for you, including various Michelin-star restaurants.

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Macau is just 31.3 km2 in size yet home to over 550,000 residents and a large number of visitors. Nonetheless, you can always find abundant deluxe hotels or resorts in Macau. The symbolic hotel buildings have formed a spectacular skyline which makes Macau unique in the world.

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Make the most of your Macau trip by planning the itinerary ahead! Before or after shopping and dining in New Yaohan, do not miss to visit the most popular tourist attractions nearby. The best way to get around Macau is by foot as the city is compact yet full of things to discover. Where can you find the highest bungy jump? Where can you catch a panoramic view of the city? Here we have compiled a list of Top Places To Go In Macao for your reference.

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