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New Yaohan “March Special”

01/03/2021 - 31/03/2021

New Yaohan is now launching a special sale collection throughout March! A series of event for various types of selected products will be presented to you from the ground floor to the 9th floor in New Yaohan! Moreover, don’t miss to check out latest event to enjoy the wonderful offers every Monday (22nd March)!

  • Event date: 30th March to 12th April
    “OTO Product Fair” on Event Hall, 7/F: A variety of the latest massage chairs, foot massagers and back massagers will be on display. There is always one for you!


  • Event date: 27th March to 11th April
    “Easter Fun Promotion” on Children and Baby’s, 6/F: A wide range of children's favorite candies and toys are available at special discount.


  • Event date: 26th March to 4th April
    “Easter Fun Rewards” on Men’s & Ladies’ Fashion, G/F-4/F: Enjoy the special price of MOP499 for specified products upon single net spending of MOP1000 at designated locations.


  • Event date: 26th to 28th March
    “Weekend Flash Sale” on Men’s Fashion, Sports, Young Shoes & Accessories, 2/F & 3/F: A wide range of sportswear, footwear and fashion accessories are continue to available at special discount on every Friday to Sunday.


  • “Display Electrical Appliances Special Sale” on Mobile, Audio & Visual Appliances, Electrical & Home Plaza, 8/F & 9/F: The international brands of electrical appliances are available at special discount, selected products up to 90% off.


  • Event date: 22th March to 4th April
    “Finlayson Bedding Promotion” on Bedding & Towels, 4/F: The century-old brand Finlayson bedding set up to MOP699.


  • “Easter Gift Fair” on Supermarket, 7/F: A variety of colorful rabbit chocolate and delicate shape chocolate eggs presented to you.


  • Event date: 22nd to 31stMarch
    “2021 Perfume Fair” on designated counters, G/F-1/F: Over 40 international famous perfume brands selection up to 68% off!


  • Event date: 19th to 4thApril
    “Shopping Double Rewards” on Men’s & Ladies’ Fashion, G/F-4/F: Enjoy the random discount of MOP50, MOP100 or MOP200 upon single net spending of MOP1000 at designated locations.


  • “Bedding March Special” on Brand Pen Shop, Gift & Lifestyle, Bedding & Towels, 3/F & 4/F: A variety of comfortable bedding products up to 80% off.


  • “Kitchenware and Household March Special” on Kitchenware and Household, 9/F: The global famous brands of kitchenware products up to 78% off.


  • Event date: 16th to 29th March
    “Kids Fashion and Baby Product Fair” on Event Hall, 7/F: International famous brands of maternal and baby products are available at special discount, selected items up to MOP46.


  • Event date: 1st to 31st March
    “Jewelry Promotion” Gold & Jewelry, 1/F: Selected jewelry up to 50% off.


  • “CASTELBEL Portugal Aromatherapy Fair” Bedding & Towels, 4/F: Experiencing the Portuguese aromatherapy and personal care products.


  • “Food Special” Food Arcade, 8/F: Amazing limited gourmet food in March starting from MOP18.


  • Event date: 12th to 21st March
    “Luggage March Special” on Luggage, 2/F: A variety of different styles, colors and sizes of luggage are available at special discount on every Friday to Sunday.


  • “Double Advantage Sale” on Supermarket, 7/F: Enjoy an offer of buy two get one free and selected items up to MOP12.8.


  • Event date: 12th to 14th March
    “TUMI March Special” on TUMI, 2/F: a various of TUMI selected product are available at special discount on every Friday to Sunday.


  • Event date: 8th to 21st March
    “DPM Bedding Fair” on Bedding & Towels, 4/F: Presenting a series of cost-effective and comfortable bedding to you.


  • Event date: 5th to 18th March
    “Random Discount Promotion” Men’s & Ladies’ Fashion, G/F, 1/F & 4/F : Enjoy once random cash rebate opportunity upon single net spending of MOP1000 at designated locations, and the maximum amount of MOP550 will be available.


  • Event date: 5th to 11th March
    “Japanese Food Fair” Supermarket, 7/F: Launching the most distinctive local food and famous items in Japan.


  • Event date: 1st to 15th March
    “White Valentine's Day Selection” Sports, 3/F: Enjoy the special discount by checking in the designated place.


  • Event date: 22nd February to 7th March
    “BURSA Bedding Fair” Bedding & Towels, 4/F: BURSA selected bedding up to 76% off.


  • “A-FONTANE Bedding Fair” Event Hall, 7/F: A-FONTANE Selected bedding starting from MOP89.

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