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Loyalty Program

In New Yaohan, we believe in passionate service and credibility. In order to fulfill explicit and implied promises to you and even go beyond your expectation, we have introduced the unique VIP program. Today, we have over 330,000 members from around the world. Enter to see the many privileges for members and become our VIP member today!


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Rewards Program

When you spend in New Yaohan every time, earn points by presenting your VIP Membership. Each unit of MOP is equivalent to one VIP shopping point.

Member's Benefits

  1. You will be among the first to be notified about our latest promotion – you are always our first priority!
  2. The shopping experience is seamless for our VIP members – New Yaohan’s latest promotion SMS will be sent directly to you.
  3. When the credits are accumulated to a certain amount every year, a SMS message regarding gift redemption will be sent to the VIP members the following year.
  4. Enjoy a 5% discount when you buy designated regular priced electrical appliances with cash while presenting your VIP account number; enjoy a 3% discount when you buy designated regular priced electrical appliances by cards while presenting your VIP account number (except mobile phones, computer products, BOSE products, discounted products and Apple products).

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Terms & Conditions

  1. VIP member use the VIP account number to accumulate points on every purchase. Each MOP dollar equals to one point.
  2. Member will receive promotion news in advance.
  3. Applicant must be aged 18 or above and present valid identity document.
  4. The VIP account number is issued by New Yaohan to the applicant.
  5. Each VIP member is allowed to have one VIP account number only.
  6. The VIP account number is not transferable and must be used only by the VIP account member.
  7. The VIP account number is the property of New Yaohan and must be returned unconditionally and immediately upon request.
  8. VIP member must provide the VIP account number before payment in order to accumulate points. Otherwise, points will not be given afterward.
  9. The loss or theft of the VIP account number must be reported immediately to New Yaohan’s VIP hotline (853) 2875 7114 during store business hours. . The VIP member shall be responsible for all consequences incurred by the misuse of the VIP account number prior to proper notification to New Yaohan.
  10. Monthly statement will not be issued to the VIP member.
  11. New Yaohan reserves the right to amend the terms herein from time to time without prior notice.
  12. New Yaohan reserves the right for final decision in the event of any dispute.
  13. This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of Macau, SAR.
  14. You agree that your personal information provided to New Yaohan may be used and retained by New Yaohan for marketing and services purposes. New Yaohan will not disclose your personal information to external parties.
  15. The Chinese version of these terms and conditions shall prevail whenever there is discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions.