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Loyalty Program

In New Yaohan, we believe in passionate service and credibility. In order to fulfill explicit and implied promises to you and even go beyond your expectation, we have introduced the unique VIP program. Today, we have over 330,000 members from around the world. Enter to see the many privileges for members and become our VIP member today!


ICBC New Yaohan Visa Card

We always try our best to reward our loyal customers. We cooperate with ICBC to co-brand New Yaohan Visa Credit Card. Enjoy the many benefits by spending with this Visa Card for a substantial rebate program!


Free Delivery

11:30 - 14:00, 15:00 - 20:00

Monday - Sunday (Exclude Public Holidays)

  1.  upon spending over MOP 200 in single transaction in the supermarket on the 7th floor (except spending on wet goods, fruits and vegetables);
  2. upon spending over MOP 300 of electrical products in single transaction on the 8th floor or 9th floor;
  3. upon spending over MOP 300 of bedding in single transaction on the 4th floor.


Floor : B1 – B3

Fee : MOP 20 / hour

Availability 238 private car parkings
4 disabled parkings (on B1 floor)
138 motorcycle parkings
Operating hours: MONDAY TO SUNDAY : 9:00 – 24:00
Enquiry: (853) 2872 5338

Free Parking Policy
and Parking Fees

If you have spent MOP 200, you can enjoy 1 hour of free parking; if you have spent MOP 400 or above, you can enjoy 2 hours of the service! We accept five kinds of machine-printed receipts as the official receipts. Please present either one of the below receipts to redeem the offer:

  1. Receipt printed by New Yaohan cash register
  2. Receipt issued by the Electrical Appliances Department including the receipt of deposit payment and the receipt of balance payment
  3. Receipt issued by Lafayette Cake Shop
  4. Challenger Parking Ticket (1 ticket for 1-hour free service. Maximum usage of 2 tickets)
  • If you have spent MOP 200 or above in single transaction, you can present the single receipt to redeem a 1-hour free parking.
  • Only a single transaction of MOP 200 or above is eligible for free parking. E.g. If you show two printed receipts and the sum of the amounts is MOP 200, you are unable to enjoy the service.
  • You can enjoy a maximum of 2-hour free parking if you present a single receipt of MOP 400 or above.
  • Enjoy a 1-hour free parking by presenting one Challenger Parking Ticket. You will get a 2-hour free parking if you present one printed receipt with MOP 200 or above together with one Challenger Parking Ticket.
  • The mixed usage of Challenger Parking Tickets and a single receipt of MOP 400 or above, can be entitled for a maximum of 4-hour free parking service.
  • Before departure, please bring your parking card and the single receipt to the parking lot toll on the B1 floor. You will then get a stamp as a proof of the free service and complete the departure procedure there.
  • The printed receipts issued by New Yaohan’s outlet at the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal or Kid’s Cavern in Sands Shoppes Macao are not eligible for the aforementioned free parking service.

Carrying Service

When you are in need, our staff is happy to carry the bags for you.

Clothes Mending Service

You can enjoy free modification and mending service if you purchase regular-priced clothes at New Yaohan.


What kind of benefits could I get by registering a VIP Membership?

1) New Yaohan's latest promotion message will be sent directly to you by SMS.

2) Enjoy 5% discount when you buy designated regular priced electrical appliances with cash while presenting your VIP card; enjoy 3% discount when you buy designated regular priced electrical appliances by cards while presenting your VIP card (except mobile phones, computer products, BOSE products, discounted products and Apple products).

When is the yearly VIP DAY?

New Yaohan's VIP DAY is usually held in June and November. Once the details are confirmed, we will notify our VIP members the date and promotion by SMS.

Is Wi-Fi available in New Yaohan?

The name of our Wi-Fi SSID is New Yaohan. Once you have turned on the mobile data or roaming data on your phone, choose our Wi-Fi account and input your mobile number. You will then get a code to access our Wi-Fi.

Which currency does New Yaohan accept?

New Yaohan accepts cash payment in MOP, HKD and RMB. However, we do not accept cash value less than RMB 10.

What is the minimum spending amount for card payment?

New Yaohan accepts card payment by Visa, Mastercard, AE, JCB, UnionPay, QuickPass, UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, Alipay , MacauPass, Wechat Pay, BOC Pay, ICBC ePay, Tai Fung Pay, Alipay HK, Apple Pay and Kakao Pay. There is no minimum spending limit to use the cards. If you would like to spend MOP 20,000 in New Yaohan and pay by card, please show your identity document for verification.

Is there any age limit to apply New Yaohan VIP membership?

A person must be 18 years old or above to register for New Yaohan VIP Membership. The applicant must fill in the submission form and present the true copy of identity document to the staff. When certain procedures are done, successful applicant can get a VIP account number right away without any application fee.

How much is the parking fee per hour in New Yaohan's car park?

New Yaohan's parking fee is MOP 20 per hour and so on. If you have spent MOP 200, you can enjoy 1 hour of free parking; if you have spent MOP 400 or above, you can enjoy 2 hours of the service.

What can you do with New Yaohan VIP points?

When the credits are accumulated to a certain amount every year, a SMS message regarding gift redemption will be sent to the VIP members the following year.